Bad Mom Alert: Garbage Mom book review

My brilliant and hilarious sister wrote a book about the side of motherhood no one likes to discuss. Why though? Poop happens, throw up, non stop talking and the list goes on!

So having a artist in the family is amazing! You need a Croc painted in your parking space at school? Melissa is there helping you. You need a face template for your dolls? Melissa is there drawing faces and asking you about your creative life. Need to cry? Well you go to Melissa’s house and watch her not know what to do for you, but she will sit next to you on her bed and have her hand on your shoulder telling you it will be okay. She is my big sister by one year and a day. We call ourselves Irish twins. We can sense when the other is having a bad day an when we go too long without talking life is not the same. When she said she was writing this book I thought amazing idea sister!

Here is a couple of my favorite pages.

I am forever guilty for not bringing sunscreen, so I can relate to this so much.

So you know this feeling right? You make eye contact with the mom who is wishing for one tiny moment of quiet in the store. I try my hardest to shop by myself at least once a month, its an amazing experience.

We can all relate here right ladies? It’s okay Fellas you have paid sick days so you take those precious days and we will keep moving forward.

Garbage mom is available on Amazon here. You can visit her site too for all the new things she is working on.

Whats for dinner? Chicken magic over here!