Family Life

Becoming Grandparents

A few months back my husband and I got a group text from Allison, Steve’s oldest daughter. Steve was on his way home from work and I was at home making dinner. She said I have something to tell you both, then sent a picture of an ultrasound. Steve called me and asked “is this a joke?” I blew up the picture to look at the name and date to confirm it was Allison and said “no, I don’t think so.” We were both quiet and I started to feel the tears coming, Steve said “I have to go.” I walked over to Anna’s bathroom and knocked and said “Allison is pregnant!” Anna- “NO, your kidding! Why are you crying?” Me- “I’m serious, because I am happy.”

Here is Allison and her fiance Dunn.

I have never been more proud to be apart of our big family as I was that day. We have one big group text with my sisters, my mom and the older kids, Allison made the announcement and it was met with so much love it was great.
Immediately my sisters and I started planning the baby shower. I went into I have to make ALL THE THINGS! I didn’t make everything I wanted to and that’s okay I have time to make more fun baby things. Here are some of the things I did make.

Starting at the top I made Allison a Suki Robe from Helens Closet, a few burp cloths, I made my own template for that one, a little quilt with the constellations and camping squares and the solar system on the back and another blanket with woodsy type fabric. Okay I wasn’t passing it up, the Worlds greatest mom thing is something a little more special. Steve’s parents have both passed away since we have been together and they were really close to all of his kids. When his dad passed the kids each got one of Jim’s flannels, then when Alice passed we gave out her quirky sweatshirts to all the kids. Mary contacted all the kids and asked if they wanted to donate them for a blanket for the baby. I got a couple and they sat there for a long time, I was for some reason putting it off. After a long while I said fuck it I’m cutting them! I made the squares and didn’t have enough for a decent size blanket so I decided to make it a wall hanging. Allison LOVED it, and once Mary told her what it was made of the tears were flowing. Here are some more pictures from the shower, mostly food because that is whats most important right?