Podcasts I listen to.

I LOVE the Love to Sew podcast. Helen and Caroline are really good at explaining all things sewing and ask all the questions you want to know from the guests they interview. Do you listen? If you are interested in sewing clothes this is a must listen to podcast.

The first podcast I listen to on Monday mornings is Armchair Expert. Dax Shepard asks the questions you want to know from celebrities, laughs with them and gets really deep into their lives. I didn’t initially listen to the experts on experts episodes he does on Thursday mornings until one started playing before I could change it and I was hooked. I am making my way back through and listening to all of them. They are packed full of good information.

I love me some Business Shet from Mimi G. She tells it how it is and gives you the kick in the pants you need to do your business. If you have a home business, want one give it a listen you will not be disappointed.

This American Life hosted by Ira Glass is one of my all time favorites. Ira’s voice is so calming for me, and he tells a wonderful story. Ira was actually on Armchair Expert as a guest and it was so good!!

Terrible Thank for Asking is, well sad sometimes. Nora, the host, has an wonderful personality, so much so you feel like you are friends while you listen. She talks about what people avoid and

If I hear about a murder podcast I usually go look for it and see if I like it. Serial for sure was super good, second season meh, third season was pretty good. Killing on the Cape,

Here is the list of other podcasts I will visit if it is something interesting on it.

*Man in the Window

*Dr Death

*The Shrink Next Door

*While she Naps

*Radio Lab

*Reply All

*Wife of the Party

The list can go on and on!

What’s for dinner? We are having Burgers.