Past doll and toy makes.

This Dia De Los Muertos doll was for a friends daughter. She was a lot of fun to make. Her face is mostly embroidered, felt and crocheted flowers in her hair.

This little cutie was made for a baby shower I went to last year. I used fabric from the great Grandmothers fabric stash to make her shirt and little jeans. Ignore my garage mess. 🙂

This silly girl is just a random creation. I was curious what teeth would look like on a doll so I embroidered them. It’s not my favorite look to be honest but I tried it.

The classic Wednesday Adams. I have made plenty of them and love them all. When my sister and I do markets there is definitely lovers out there that snatch her right up.

This little guy was part of a tester round I did for a pattern company, you can find the pattern here.

He was fun and a bit tricky, I like those challenges though, learning new tips and tricks.

This classic beauty was my own creation. I saw her in my head and just made her. I still love her so much.

I’ll share more of my past makes in a future post.

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