DIY: Beeswax wraps

I was seeing a lot of beeswax wraps through ads on Facebook and Instagram, so I decided to make my own. I researched, which means I looked it up on Pinterest 😉

This is the beeswax pellets I used, you can find them here from Amazon.
I wasn’t sure how much I would need so I started with one pound.
I cut a variety of sizes from my stash of fabrics. I like the look of the Kelloggs fabric and thought it would work perfect. I suggest only using 100% cotton fabric. I put two sheets of parchment paper down to protect my ironing board.

I sprinkled the pellets on the fabric. I did a less is more approach because I figured these are going to melt and spread.
I placed parchment paper over the top to protect my iron.
I have a Sapporo gravity feed iron that get extremely hot, so in no time the pellets were melting. Don’t use your steam, you are just looking for heat to melt here. Quickly wax was spilling out the sides so I worked from the middle outward so I could control the wax.
What is really weird is the fabric looks wet and its not, so bizarre to me. I picked it up and waved it to “dry” it, and set it down to work on the next one.
I cut the edges of all the pieces with my pinking shears to create a finish. There is wax on it so it will seal and have no fraying edges. If you like clean finishes cut it however you want.