Fabric Remnants

One of my favorite things to do when I go to any kind of a fabric store is to look at remnants. I feel like a little kid down the candy aisle. I don’t make any two dolls look the same so buying fabric in small pieces is perfect.

Getting bigger pieces for clothes making is a whole different experience. Going down the aisles touching all the fabric, thinking about what I can make with it.

I love some Joanns stores more then others because they have more remnants to go through.

So remnants are the small bit that is left on the bolt, that some non fabric hoarder didn’t want. The really awesome thing about remnants at Joanns is they are all 50% off right, BUT if that fabric is on sale you get the sale price of the cut then the 50% off of whats left. I pick up pieces for .25 – $6-$7, mostly the smaller end of that. What’s pictured here I got all 5 pieces for $9.04! I am making a baby blanket for some friends with the big piece of checkered fleece, the red piece is Kona cotton and I never pass that up. The other pieces will go in my stash.

Pretty neat huh? Do you shop in the remnants? What has been your biggest score so far?

Have a great day!

I recently picked up some faux fur to experiment with for doll hair.